The name of Mecha tea derives from the early tea leaf buds harvested in order to make this special green tea. Mecha buds are plucked in spring and are made as rolled leaf teas that are graded somewhere between Gyokuro and Sencha in quality.

Popularity of Mecha: Sushi restaurants in Japan (called “Agari”), use top quality Mecha served with meals. Mecha’s astringent flavor make it a good tea to drink after meals in order to cleanse the palate (much like the way shaved ginger root is eaten with sashimi and nigiri sushi).

Qualities of Flavor and Aroma: Mecha is renowned for its depth of flavor, considerable bitterness, and lingering astringent aftertaste.  Mecha’s distinctive flavor and aroma is often regarded as being as good as the best Sencha. The best Mecha produces an aromatic tea with a clear, soft yellow appearance.